Get the "Perfect Hair" Everyday in Minutes

Hey Ladies!

Do you look in the mirror and love how your hair looks?

Do you like changing your hairstyle; have trendy, natural looks with very little stress?

Or saving time styling but still having that “straight out of the salon" fresh look each day, without breaking the bank?

Then look no further. Bliss micro braided wigs are your perfect match!

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Our beautiful hand-made micro braided wigs wear easily and comfortably while protecting your real hair underneath.

Our wigs are trendy and natural looking making you feel good and boosting your confidence all day long!

When you slip on a micro bliss lace wig, even your mama will think you just got your real hair braided!




3 "Must Know" Facts about Bliss Micro Braided Wigs

- 1 -

We will ship your unit within 48 hours!

No more waiting weeks-on-end for your braided wig!.

Since we are a U.S based company, you can rest assure we will get your unit to you fast.

- 2 -

Our wigs are guaranteed to last at least 2 years

Saving you $$$ and countless hours at the salon.

You definitely get great value when you get a bliss braided wig!

- 3 -

We provide:

1. Free U.S shipping on all our wigs

2. Free gift (fashion scarf) with every braided wig purchase.

3. Big discounts $$$ on all our units




What is the secret to Bliss natural looking lace wigs?

Experienced Braiders:

Our team of braiders has over 45 years of experience producing different hairstyles and looks for our customers.

You have a wide range of styles and colors for you to choose from that suit your look for the day or occasion or lifestyle and can be change as often as you want!

We only use premium braiding fiber:

We use high quality swiss lace, and 100% premium braiding fiber.

We pay attention to EVERY detail:

Our wigs are neatly braided from root to tip. We bleach the knots of all our lace wigs and attach combs for a snug lay.

We undertake a rigorous quality control check on each braided wig before shipping to you.

We go the extra mile to make you stand out!

Micro Braided Wig Selection

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Visual Overview: Bliss Micro Braided Wig

Here's what our customers are saying...

"My unit is just as seen on site. Amazing! These ladies really do good work. I am getting another one as soon as i get paid."

Tameshia King

"My wig looks so beautiful and smells great! BLISS really put some love into their units! Thank you guys"

Trish Tucker

"My friends can't tell if it is a wig. Braids are so TINY!!!. love the soft swiss lace really gives a natural look when i play with the baby hair. I just got addicted to bliss wigs!"

Lisa, Brown